New Year, New Goals

Hey there! Phew, it’s 2018! Time has been flying!

It’s that time of year where there’s a newness in the air that makes everyone want to set fresh new goals for themselves.

My goals for the new year are to be more present with my kids and hubby and go on more adventures together; be more consistent with my blog and less self-conscious about taking pictures in public; and to grow my hair out once and for all!(heat damage anyone?!) Haha

I thought this fresh white dress would be perfect for my first 2018 blog post. You can find it here. The top is sheer so you can choose how risqué you’d like to go! Haha! 🙈 I’m over 30 and a mom of two, so I opted for a full bodysuit but I think it looks great with a bandeau top or maybe a pop of color underneath for the spring!

It’s a bright New Year and I can’t wait to see where it goes! Lots of changes are happening for us this year including a house move, mine and my hubby’s 10 year wedding anniversary, and most depressingly, my oldest son starts Kindergarten this year which is terrifying as a stay at home mom who has never spent more than a few hours away from him his whole life! 😩

Anyway, I hope everyone’s year is off to a great start! Until next time! ❤️